Yanni Panagiotopoulos

The World Shook Under our Fists

Fighting Game Concepts

The Dustless

The Dustless is the last Prince of the Moth Kingdom. After his sister left to search for the light, he was left alone to take care of his people and defend against the dark. The Dustless is a timid, careful fighter using light and darkness to his advantage.

Dustless Fight Theme – Song Credits to Harlow Diggs

The Moth Princess and The Candles

Finding the Light

Moth Princess Fight Theme – Song Credits to Harlow Diggs

The Candle

The Candle is a grappler who uses flame and smoke to devastate and disorientate her opponents. She is the holder of the last flame, and after Lamps light went cold her destiny became conflict.

The Overgrown and Rocketboxer

The Overgrown is a zoner. As an old garden robot that was left alone for far too long, she learned to harness the alien creatures around her and keeps opponents at a distance with her whip and drones.

Oppositely, The Rocketboxer is a arrogant and unrelenting brawler who just wants to get in someones face during the heat of the moment.